About Us

nlightn Technologies is a group of passionate data enthusiasts dedicated to building the next generation of BI, Analytics, and Data Science platforms for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Our company was born out of the observation that traditional BI & Analytics tools were unable to help businesses make decisions in time.  Our goal is empower business leaders to make informed decisions by reducing the time it takes to develop prescriptions and recommendations. Traditional BI & Analytical platforms rely on analysts to derive recommendations.

nlightn is slated to redefine BI & Analytical tools through proprietary algorithms, augmented intelligence (AI) and automated machine learning (Auto-ML) with no-code configuration.

It is our pleasure to introduce nlightn, as the beginning of an exciting new category of business insights computing platform that combines BI, Analytics and the power of Algorithmic Intelligence & Automated Machine Learning / Artificial intelligence.

Why choose us

Through patent-pending algorithms & processes, nlightn delivers distilled data nuggets along with prescriptions & recommendations that are intuitive to decision makers. Consequently, business leaders can focus their teams on the right priorities and ensure that their companies achieve their goals. As a result, businesses can increase top line revenue, monitor their bottom lines, and increase customer satisfaction by utilizing opportunities and becoming true data-driven decision makers.

Our mission

To help companies achieve their business goals and drive their success by focusing efforts on inflection points that matter.

With nlightn’s technology, you’ll be able to spot upticks in your organization’s metrics & KPIs. Alternatively, it can also identify and catch downtrends before they actually impact the overall organizational performance. Analysts and business metric owners can thereby be more productive and scale better to address business needs in a timely manner. Welcome to Analytical Intelligence, a new era of business insight computing. Please sign up for a demo today to see how your company can empower your leaders and decision makers in becoming a true data driving decision making entity.


Decision Intelligence refers to prescriptive analysis and its inference that allows business leaders to make informed decisions knowing very well the outcome of their decisions and how it impacts their organization’s performance towards their goals.

Traditionally Analysts and Data Scientists have to work together on inputs from business leaders to find growth opportunities or reduce costs. Such a task takes time and effort which can be reduced using Decision Intelligence Platforms.

Traditional BI & Analytical platforms are able to access data and provide tools for data visualization, which allow users to present data to key stakeholders or decision-makers in the form of charts or graphs. These tools provide descriptive analysis of data that answer the question of “What is happening?” with the metrics.

Decision Intelligence platforms not only provide descriptive analysis of data but also insights into “Why it is happening?” 

They further go on to provide recommendations on “What can be done” to achieve desired outcomes.

Predictive Analytics is the science of being able to predict or forecast metrics into the future.

Traditionally Analysts & Data Scientists employ several statistical and modeling techniques to create forecasting or predictive models.

Present day tools allow analysts to build model, however such platforms take time and effort to build models as it is iterative and time consuming.

A good Decision Intelligence platform not only provides Descriptive Analysis but also Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis.

In providing Prescriptive recommendations, Decision Intelligence platform should be able to Predict the outcome of what will happen should the recommendations be implemented.

Augmented intelligence is the science of providing a narrative behind descriptive analysis that is done on data.

Augmented Intelligence is made possible by using another technology called Natural Language Generation (NLG) that helps generate the narrative

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the science of generating natural language systemically using complex lexicons. 

ChatGPT is an advanced form of NLG.

NLG is used in Decision Intelligence platforms to narrate what the data is showing and what to do with it.

Traditional BI & Analytical tools require analysts to scour through dashboards and tables to identify patterns. Once they identify patterns, Analysts have to dig deeper to find the root cause of these patterns.

This takes time and effort to perform and analysts cannot scale enough to identify the patterns, let alone do deeper analysis.

Automated Insights allow organizations to systemically look for patterns in data and identify root cause without the need for Analysts to spend countless hours thereby reducing the speed to finding answer to the question of “Why something is happening? 

Prescriptive Analytics is the science of providing recommendations on business decisions that can be taken to improve the odds of achieving business goals.

Business goals are based on achieving a certain target at a certain time. Targets are usually business metrics or KPI that allow organizations grow, cut costs or increase customer satisfaction.

Prescriptive Analytics platforms must be capable of recommending how the targets can be achieved.

In order to provide decision makers within organizations with Decision Intelligence systemically, the platform must be able to understand data, identify what is happening or find patterns.

Having found patterns identify what is causing them and build models to provide Predictive Analysis. Once able to predict outcomes, then recommend what is the best possible way that outcome can be achieved.  Using the best possible scenarios, prescribe recommendations to decision makers using Prescriptive analysis.

Therefore a good Decision Intelligence platform requires to have Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytical capabilities.