We at nlightn Technologies, are a group of passionate data enthusiasts, with specialization in building data (big and small data), BI, analytics and data science platforms at companies of all sizes, start ups to full size enterprises.

nlightn platform stems from observing gaps in traditional BI & Analytics tools and their inability to help businesses become data driven decision making entities by reducing time to prescriptions & recommendations.

nlightn is slated to push the boundaries of today’s BI & Analytical tools cutting down time to decision making using using Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML) & Augmented Intelligence (AI).

nlightn's patent pending algorithms & processes brings distilled data nuggets with prescriptions and recommendations that are intuitive to decision makers. Our belief is that true value of data can be harnessed if it is prioritized, relevant and timely. Business leaders can then focus their teams on the right priorities and drive their businesses towards their performance goals. This would allow enterprises to grow topline revenue, monitor their bottom lines and/or increase customer satisfaction by tapping onto opportunities and become true data driven decision making entities.

Welcome to nlightn, the beginning of a new category of business insight computing called Analytical Intelligence that combines the power of Auto-ML & AI.

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