Internet - Use Case

Internet companies provide hardware, software or bundled solutions and/or service offerings predominantly online. Solutions are either made available in the cloud as a platform or installed on-premise in a data center. Solutions may be applications installed or accessed via a desktop from a customer residence / enterprise or installed on a customer’s mobile device. Solutions provided can be both B2B and/or B2C.

Top Challenges

Challenges that most internet companies face:

  • To ensure that their product, solution or online service is functioning as per the consumer expectations
  • Managing availability, performance and uptime becomes mission critical to sustain customer satisfaction
  • Growing their top-line from new customers, repeat engagement from existing ones
  • Finally, revenue while important is a backend operation that is recognized further down the value chain

Internet companies are often blindsided when their product performance is below expectation. Considering today’s market & competition, it becomes difficult for such companies to recover from a dip in performance since brand loyalty once lost, is hard to get back. 

The sheer volume of data to be collected, analyzed & implemented  is extremely time taking. Most companies miss the window to integrate these changes, leading to losses. As a result, The revenue generated by these companies’ plummet. Our technology is designed to cater to these pain points, pre-define your metrics & align with your goals in order to make better business decisions.

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Nlightn, an Analytical Intelligence platform is a cloud based service offering. The nlightn platform can be configured to discover your company metrics from the data you capture in your operational systems. Once metrics are defined, the platform enables you to track your organization’s performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Metrics are defined based upon the industry your business operates in. Metrics also vary from at the corporate level to the various functions and roles in your enterprise. To read more about metrics and how they are defined


E-commerce entities sell one or more goods online such as apparel, cosmetics, food, electronics, books among others.

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Internet companies provide hardware, software or bundled solutions and/or service offerings predominantly online.

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Enterprises are large companies that both sell goods and provide services both offline and online.

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