Shopify E-Commerce

nlightn offers Shopify E-Commerce shops the ability to manage the performance of their storefront with ease. Shop owners can quickly register for the nlightn app from the Shopify App Store and give nlightn access to their data.

The nlightn platform automatically configures pre-defined Shopify metrics on top of your data such as Orders, Revenue (Sales), Cancellations & Refunds to name a few. Once these metrics have been configured, the nlightn platform runs algorithms to determine the performance of your store and notifies you through our nlightn mobile app or through web interface.

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More our more advanced Shopify customers, we can configure the nlightn platform to also connect to Google Analytics to give a holistic view of the Conversion funnel along with where your strengths and weakness are.

This would allow you as our Shopify customer to better manage your funnel and improve conversion to grow your revenue and business.

For any questions regarding your data or your customer Data Privacy, please click here to learn more about nlightn's Data Privacy Policies. For more information on Shopify Pricing

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