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Internet - Use Case

Internet companies provide hardware, software or bundled solutions and/or service offerings predominantly online. Solutions are either made available in the cloud as a platform or installed on-premise in a data center. Solutions may be applications installed or accessed via a desktop from a customer residence / enterprise or installed on a customer’s mobile device. Solutions provided can be both B2B and/or B2C.

Top Challenges

Some of the top challenges that Internet companies faces include ...

  • To ensure that their product, solution or online service is functioning to expectations and to their customer's satisfaction
  • Managing availability, performance and uptime becomes mission critical to sustain customer satisfaction
  • Growing their top-line from new customers, repeat engagement from existing ones
  • Finally, revenue while important is a backend operation that is recognized further down the value chain

Internet companies can be blindsided when they do not have a good reading on whether or not their offering is functioning as per expectations. Learning this from their customers can cause a much severe damage and can take a long time to reconcile and repair. As a result internet companies may lose brand loyalty, see decrease in customer growth, engagement and thereby loss of revenue.

The sheer volume of data collected and the analysis required takes time. Constant oversight from Analysts becomes untenable who are already juggling between business requests, reporting metric oversight and improvement initiatives. Therefore it becomes impossible to get meaningful insights in time to decision makers causing frustration within the entire organization combined with loss of productivity.

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