Based on the industry your company operates in, metrics required to track the performance, efficiency of your organization or your business unit may vary. To find out more about how the nlightn platform can help your enterprise identify, define and glean insights from your metrics, click on the appropriate industry below.

The metrics you will find within each of the tracks below are only a guideline based on what might be standard across your industry. nlightn platform also allows you to define custom metrics unique to your business that you would like to track periodically.

Once configured, nlightn’s proprietary algorithms combined with automated ML will find patterns, build models to surface insights and recommend what levers are available to you to push your metrics in the right direction.

We can help you configure your KPI & Metrics to get you started within days depending on the readiness of your data


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nlightn’s Decision Intelligence platform can be installed as a cloud-based,  on-premise or even hybrid service offering. The nlightn platform can be configured to discover your company metrics from the data you capture in your operational systems. Once metrics are defined, the platform enables you to track your organization’s performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction through the KPI. Metrics are defined based upon the industry your business operates in. Metrics also vary from at the corporate level to the various functions and roles in your enterprise. To read more about metrics and how they are defined …


E-commerce entities sell one or more goods online such as apparel, cosmetics, food, electronics, books among others.

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Internet companies provide hardware, software or bundled solutions and/or service offerings predominantly online.

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Enterprises are large companies that both sell goods and provide services both offline and online.

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