About Us

We at nlightn Technologies are a group of passionate data enthusiasts dedicated to building BI, analytics, and data science platforms for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Our company was born out of the observation that traditional BI & Analytics tools were unable to help businesses become data-driven decision makers by reducing the time it took to develop prescriptions and recommendations based on data.

Nlightn is set to redefine BI & Analytical tools by automating machine learning (Auto-ML) and augmented intelligence (AI).

It is our pleasure to introduce nlightn, the beginning of an exciting new category of business insight computing that combines the power of machine learning with artificial intelligence.

Why Choose Us

Through patent-pending algorithms & processes, nlightn delivers distilled data nuggets along with prescriptions & recommendations that are intuitive to decision makers. Consequently, business leaders can focus their teams on the right priorities and ensure that their companies achieve their goals. As a result, businesses can increase top line revenue, monitor their bottom lines, and increase customer satisfaction by utilizing opportunities and becoming true data-driven decision makers.

Our Mission

We want to help your company meet or exceed it's goals by surfacing recommendations on how to achieve them by enabling quicker and timely decisions.
With nlightn’s Decision Intelligence Platform, you’ll be able to catch upticks in your organization’s KPIs sooner and capitalize opportunities. Alternatively, you can also identify downtrends and remedy them before they impact the overall organization's performance.
Analysts and business leaders today are overwhelmed by their organization's data and realize only in hindsight of missed opportunities.

We want to help your company meet or exceed it's goals by surfacing recommendations on how to achieve them by enabling quicker and timely decisions. With nlight's Decision Intelligence platform, an organization can scale to meet business needs in a timely manner by using the insights and recommendations provided.
Welcome to nlightn's Decision Intelligence, a new era of business insight computing and recommendation platform. Please sign up for a demo today to see how your company can empower your leaders and decision makers in becoming a true data driving decision making entity.


Decision Intelligence refers to recommendations that enable business leaders to make decisions faster at the right inflection points so as to drive their organization towards desired outcomes.

A Decision Intelligence solution is capable of imputing prescriptive analytics and surface it as recommendations that can be intuitively understood by business leaders to make timely decisions.

Prescriptive Analytics are recommendations made by analyzing an oranization's data, identifying patterns to build predictive models that can project various business outcomes which is then surfaced as recommendations to drive desired business outcomes.

Predictive Analytics is the ability of a platform to analyze the patterns using historic data and construct models for a given metric or measure by identifying key factors that drive that metric. The models can then help predict futuristic values using current data to guide businesses on where their key metrics may land given the current trajectory of the organization.

Automated Insights are factors derived from algorithms scanning through an organization's data set that are signficantly driving a key metric's trend. These factors are then surfaced to analysts and business leaders as insights who can then act on them to make quicker decisions.

Decision Intelligence is a form of Artificial Intelligence. Today's Artificial Intelligence is in the form of models that can generate passages, create images from text or assist in computer vision to drive cars or detect cancer in a body tissue. The passage, image or vision is used to make decisions by humans or computers to arrive at desired outcomes. Decision Intelligence as offered by nlightn is focused on how organizations can achieve their metric targets and drive their company's future towards desired outcomes.