nlightn's Decision Intelligence Platform helps enterprises make timely decisions

Our platform transforms your data into actionable insights and surfaces recommendations, so you as a business leader can make informed & timely decisions at the right inflection points towards your organization's goals leading to better business outcomes.

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We deliver automated insights & recommendations on your KPI & metrics to enable quicker decisions for better business outcomes.

Today, companies have a variety of BI & Analytical tools to track & monitor business performance. However they still rely on Analysts & Data Scientists to make decisions. This reliance increases the time to arrive at decisions which subsequently impacts the organizations in making timely decisions.

nlightn’s cloud-based Decision Intelligence Platform uses proprietary algorithms to surface automated insights in a timely manner that is delivered to your mobile, browser or messaging platform. Timely insights help decision makers to make timely decisions towards your organization's goals or targets.

Business Leaders can now catch inflection points as they occur and remedy them on the go. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your company is on a continuous growth trajectory, meeting or exceeding all targets to achieve sustained growth.

nlightn Is Industry Agnostic & Works Along Side Your BI & Analytics Platforms

The nlightn’s Decision Intelligence Platform is a self-configurable solution that enables enterprises to make timely decisions on their KPI to achieve goals. Our platform is industry agnostic and works with your existing data in industry standard repositories where your KPI’s are stored. In addition, it can be co-exist with your current BI & Analytics infrastructure, regardless of whether they are cloud based or on premise.


E-Commerce businesses sell one or more goods online. Goods can be apparel, cosmetics, food, electronics, books, fashion accessories.

Products ordered online are then shipped to the customers through the company's shipping partners using their distribution channels ...

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Internet companies provide hardware, software or bundled solutions and/or service offerings predominantly online.

Solutions are either made available in the cloud as a platform or installed on-premise in a data center for usually a monthly or yearly subscription fees ...

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Enterprises manufacture products offline & sell them through both offline & online channels. Some businesses operate primarily offline and maintain a physical presence.

While others have an online presence to market, offer their products & services or to build brand loyalty amongst their customers ....

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nlightn's self-configurable solution allows enterprises to customize the platform for their specific needs

How does nlightn's Decision Intelligence Platform help achieve organizational goals

Configure your KPI & Data Sources

Enterprises begin with configuring the KPI or the metrics they want to track and monitor.

Business Insights Computing

Using proprietary algorithms, the nlightn platform recognizes patterns to build business insights, which is then delivered to decision makers on mobile, browser and messaging platforms.

Making Quick & Timely Decisions

Descision makers can use the delivered insights on their KPI and based on recommendations provided, make decisions on how to achieve their KPI goals.
Organizations can then implement their decisions and monitor their outcome

Achieve Organization Goals & Targets

By reducing the time to analyze and implementing timely decisions from the insights & recommendations at their inflection points, business leaders can achive their organizational goals and specific targets.

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